Step 1: Order & Payment

Choose the correct day for your delivery zone, and customize your box with our weekly flavors.

Step 2: Delivery

On the delivery day, you'll receive an email confirmation of the delivery time window, and a notification immediately before delivery that we are close!

Step 3: Storing Your Doughnuts

Share with friends, eat them all yourself or store them in the FREEZE for later!

what are baked doughnuts?

BAKED Doughnuts are made fresh daily, created in a gluten-free facility and made with Vegan ingredients. Like our name suggests, our doughnuts are BAKED and not deep-fried, also known as a cake doughnut! Our treats are have added protein and beautifully designed as a treat for the eyes and taste buds!

flavors of the week

Our doughnut flavors change every week, and you can customize your box with the quantities you'd like of each flavor. If nothing is specified, you will receive one of each flavor. The photo below is an example and does not contain the weekly flavors.


Order days are set per location. Please place your order depending on your shipping address below, and scroll down for more details on delivery. If you live in a condo/apartment PLEASE LEAVE YOUR BUZZER NUMBER IN THE NOTE SECTION



North Calgary Only
July 15th


Delivery window

South Calgary/Okotoks Only
July 16th


Delivery window

South Calgary Only
July 17th


Delivery window

Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere
July 18th


Delivery window

NORTH Calgary Only
July 19th


SOUTH Calgary Only
July 19th


Delivery window


Step 1: Order

Choose your doughnut box option and continue with payment. You can customize the weekly flavor quantities if you choose or receive one of each flavor by default. To do so, please write out your flavours in the notes box on the CHECKOUT page. If you have any allergies, please note this as well. We are a dedicated gluten-free facility with no gluten products on-site. We do have nuts in our facility.

Step 2: Contactless Delivery

On the delivery day, you will receive an email of your delivery time window and a notification immediately before your delivery. Deliveries will be made Tuesday - Saturday, with each day dedicated to different zones of the City. Currently, we offer delivery to: North Calgary (addresses ending in NE and NW), South Calgary (addresses ending in SE and SW), and Airdrie, Cochrane & Chestermere. The ordering options below describe which day we deliver to your zone. We kindly ask to specify your delivery address to the correct zone. You will receive a delivery confirmation (it may end up in your junk mail folder) the morning of your delivery day with a 2-hour window of our drop-off. You will also receive a notification prior to immediate delivery when our courier is in your area. We are a contact-less delivery service. You can expect our drivers to ring your doorbell and leave the box of doughnuts close to your front door.

Step 3: Storage Options

Eat them the same day, or FREEZE them for another time! Store in a air tight container or meal prep container. Let thaw on counter or microwave!

Checkout our Instagram @BAKEDBrands for the latest delivery updates!

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